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Age Restricted Products

Certain products on our website are only available to customers aged 18 and over, and it is illegal to sell these items to persons under 18 using online sales.

For example, shotguns, rifles, air pistols, air rifles, air gun pellets, bows, arrows, slingshots, crossbows, crossbow bolts, knives, cleaning solvents, CO2 capsules, CO2 bottles and aerosols etc, these items and many more are age restricted and some may need a licence to be purchased.

It is our duty and responsibility as a retailer to take positive steps to ensure that we do not sell age restricted products online to people under the legal age of purchase.

We have decided that some items will only be sold on a one to one basis at the counter in our retail store whereupon actual photo ID showing age, address and relevant licences must be produced before purchase.

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Scopes, mounts, rings and rails shown on guns are not included in the price unless otherwise stated